Smart City 2026:

The Intersection of Culture, Technology and Innovation

Smart Culture
Smart Community
Smart Technology
Smart Infrastructure
Web 3, AI, Tokenization
Sustainability, Social Equity & Inclusion

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About BP Smart City?

BP Smart City is a bold new take on an urban development and innovation concept that transforms underserved communities into pathways of equity, opportunity, innovation, and sustainable economic growth. It’s a model designed for impact and scale, becoming a force for positive transformation in communities that need it the most.

At its core, BP Smart City leverages the power of culture, community, sustainability measures, innovation, and next-gen technologies (Blockchain and Web 3.0) to drive economic mobility, social impact, environmental stewardship, and empowerment for Black and other historically underrepresented communities.

Welcome to the
era of community

  • Digital Connectivity: Cutting-edge technology, data-driven decisions, and seamless connectivity empowers communities
  • Unleashed Economic Opportunities: A dynamic landscape attracting businesses, entrepreneurs, and investors with future forward-thinking
  • World Class Innovation: Culture, technology, sustainability, and innovation intersect to drive continuous advancements and solutions across industries.
  • Collaboration and Co-creation: A culture of partnership and meaningful engagement that paves the way for collective success. 
  • Open Possibilities: An ecosystem that prioritizes livability, economic sustainability, and well-being, — creating a magical smart city experience.

Community as a Service

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Bond & Play City is pushing the boundaries of the modern smart city concept as an opportunity to redefine the future of urban revitalization.

Our trailblazing smart city concept is the ultimate fusion of cutting-edge technology, innovation, and culture applied at the neighborhood level — transforming Black and underrepresented communities into vibrant epicenters of ingenuity, collaboration, productivity, and economic growth.

Our CaaS (Community-as-a-Service) model reimagines culture and community as valuable transformative assets — creating new and unparalleled opportunities.

The Internet of Value

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Get ready to experience Bond & Play City through its next-generation membership model, powered by seamless digital integration for an interconnected community experience.

Unlimited possibilities are unlocked with digital identity systems providing access to cutting-edge services, blockchain technology enabling trustless and secure transactions, smart contracts automating interactions, and tokenization for a state-of-the-art incentivization and reward program.

Bond & Play City will set the standard for urban innovation and renewal,  one community at a time.

Key Smart City
Components and Features

Mission & Vision


To relentlessly amplify technology innovation, purposeful sustainability, culture, and the boundless potential of human ingenuity and community — each and every day.


Unlock the power of smart cities to inspire limitless possibilities and vibrant hubs of innovation, economic equity, and sustainability

Adaptive Design + Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The design of digital and physical elements that allows for modifications based on the evolving needs of the community. Key components include Web3 technologies, Blockchain, AI powered solutions, digital wallets,  smart contracts, tokenization and platform business models

AI is revolutionizing smart city operations, from predictive analytics to autonomous systems, and creating more efficient and sustainable urban environments.

Data Driven Decision Making + Privacy and Security

Aggregated insights into individual behavior and operational data points for real-time and planned decision making that increases the value, efficiency and functioning of the city and community.

It is essential to establish robust data protection frameworks, implement encryption and authentication measures, and ensure transparency in data usage to safeguard the privacy of residents.


Membership Tokenization

Tokenization is a cutting-edge technology that allows us to digitize membership and create digital tokens that represent ownership of a smart city membership. 

Blockchain technology allows us to manage these tokens and ensure they are secure and tamper-proof. Members can track and manager their access, contributions and rewards in real-time.

Integrated Business Ecosystem

A smart city economy designed around a diversified and sustainable revenue and business model, not reliant on any one revenue stream or industry.

Each business vertical is a standalone revenue-generating entity. It’s a strategy to mitigate risk during economic downturns, increase visibility to untapped markets, unlock growth opportunities, foster collaborative partnerships, and ensure long-term success.

Innovation & Advanced Learning

AI is revolutionizing smart city operations, from predictive analytics to autonomous systems, and creating more efficient and sustainable urban environments.

"Think Big, There is no magic in thinking small"

— Daniel Burnham, Chicago Architect & City Planner

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Brand & Partner Opportunities

The Future is Community and Unlocking the Power of Cities. 

Join us in creating something historic.

Together, we’ll not only shape the future of community innovation but also set a new standard for equitable outcomes. The impact of this project will be felt for generations to come.

Contact us today to learn more about partnership and stakeholder opportunities.