About Bond & Play City

A Vision for community based innovation & economic revitalization

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An Economic growth engine and smart city concept

Built from the ground up, Bond & Play City started with the idea to create an economic growth engine that addresses systemic barriers and challenges impacting black communities across the country. 

It became the genesis for an iconic smart city metropolis that’s a vision for revenue-generating, autonomous, and transformative communities. It combines technology, culture, media, entrepreneurship, and education into an innovative community development ecosystem.

Design rooted in Human values & Sustainability Principles

Our buildings will usher in the future of mix-used smart infrastructure and collaborative spaces.

A team of architects, engineers, contractors, and interior designers is entrusted with conceptualizing and crafting energy-efficient buildings and spaces that prioritize health and wellness — and consumes no more energy than it generates.

The buildings will continually learn and adapt to their environment, gathering and analyzing information on energy consumption, environmental circumstances, and occupancy patterns to optimize energy utilization.

A smart city designed to create and optimize value for communities and redefine brand engagement

Consistent Value Creation


Each Bond & Play City business is part of our loyalty program that rewards members for sustainable and community-oriented actions that adds value to each other and the community. These rewards will be redeemable for perks and privileges, further incentivizing members to contribute to the overall well-being and success of the community.

The Future of Business


We champion the importance of engaging with our community and establishing partnerships as the foundation for growth. A key metric will be our ability to positively impact the lives of our members, partners, guests, and community and foster supportive and collaborative environments. Our businesses are committed to being active, delivering value, and providing exceptional service.

Brand & Partner Opportunities

The Future is Community and Unlocking the Power of Cities. 

Join us in creating something historic.

Together, we’ll not only shape the future of community innovation, but we’ll also set a new standard for equitable outcomes. The impact of this project will be felt for generations to come.

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