Venture Studio and Business Incubator

Innovation and Inclusivity: Powering the next generation of Black Entrepreneurship

Investing in Black Entrepreneurs is more than a diversity issue — it is a business and revenue growth issue.

The Venture Studio and Business Incubator is filling an investment void and is a platform for Black entrepreneurs to develop and launch startups utilizing the latest  blockchain, data, AI, web 3 and cloud-based systems — technologies that are transforming industries exponentially.

It operates on a membership-based model. Entrepreneurs apply to become members and are selected based on the strength of their business idea, their team, and their potential for growth.

Member companies receive funding, mentorship, office space, access to the makers lab and a network of industry professionals. In return, we have an equity stake in each member company.

A venture fund sourced from grants, private and institutional investors, and corporate partners provides the capital for the members. The fund is managed by an experienced independent VC firm.

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Brand & Partner Opportunities

The Future is Community and Unlocking the Power of Cities. 

Join us in creating something historic.

Together, we’ll not only shape the future of community innovation but also set a new standard for equitable outcomes. The impact of this project will be felt for generations to come.

Contact us today to learn more about partnership and stakeholder opportunities.